Children's Parties

Would you like to treat your child this Christmas? Need a exciting alternative to the usual birthday party? 

Why not bring them up to the rink!

The group can skate first then have their party in the Ice Cafe afterwards. We allow 10 minutes after skating for you to finish at the skate exchange and take your seats and the party food will be served 5 minutes later.  We allow one hour in the Ice Cafe for your party. 

The Ice Cafe is rink side and the party tables are separate to the public seating area. The children can continue to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the rink. 

You may wish to order a cake from Jersey Cupcakes or bring your own cake. There is a small charge for use of cake stand/knife/plates/napkins. 

Normal skate prices apply for parties (please see Prices page). Food and beverages are paid for separately at the Ice Cafe. 

Chaperone. Should your party be beginners or you have too few accompanying adults available to go on the ice, our Professional Skate Coach is available to chaperone groups. Please see Lessons page for more information. 

* Please note we are holding Live DJ skate sessions on the 6.30pm and 7.45pm skate sessions on each Friday and Saturday. An additional charge of £1.00 will apply to normal skate ticket prices for entry into the Live DJ skate sessions. You may reserve parties on the 6.30pm DJ session too.

Ice Cafe Party Enquiry Form

Only food and beverages purchased in the Ice Cafe may be consumed in the Queen's Hall with the exception of a celebratory cake brought in by prior arrangement with the Ice Cafe.