Basic Information and Guidelines re Ice Hockey Sessions

We are running these sessions to encourage skaters to try something new on the ice and have fun. The rink is not a full size hockey rink and is not fitted out for competitive play. Play will be non-contact and care will be taken at all times to prevent the puck from leaving the ice area. Hockey sticks cannot be raised above waist height. Anyone not adhering to our safety rules will be disqualified from playing. 

Player Fee Each player will pay their junior fee in full prior to going on the ice. Please arrive early enough so that this can be completed well before play starts and admin doesn't hold up play. 

Registration Each player will have a completed and signed registration form handed in prior to play otherwise they will not be allowed on the ice.

Teams Teams consist of 5 players each side not including the goalies. 

Officiating and Referee There will be a Referee on the ice at all times timekeeping and keeping the score. 

Game Format For the children there will be practice and drills before starting the 2 x 20 minute play periods. 

Kit Players will not be able to take part unless they are wearing the basic mandatory kit. We have the required protection for the children to borrow so they are safe on the ice (elbow, knee and shin pads)

Mandatory Basic Safety Kit HELMET WITH CAGE. The most important piece of safety kit for hockey players. Cycle helmets are not allowed as they are designed for front impact and give little protection at the back of the head. Players wearing glasses must have a visor or cage. KNEE, SHIN, ELBOW PADS AND GLOVES must be worn. For shin pads football guards will suffice). Extra hip padding if you have it. Preferably padded hockey gloves. Helmets with cages on the front will be provided and it is mandatory to wear them. 

Hockey Sticks Sticks for the juniors will be provided.

Clothing Warm protective clothing in layers is advised as are gloves.