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  Hockey for Seniors (age 12 and up)

We will be holding two ice hockey sessions per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings 9.00 - 10.30 pm after the rink closes to the public. We have 2 experienced goalies with full kit. There are 5 players on each team and we hope to have several teams. We have a referee and ex amateur ice hockey players who will guide new players through the rules of the game and incorporate drills and practice prior to playing games. It will be mandatory to wear a helmet with faceguard and body protection (elbow, knee, shin and gloves). We will have some kit in different sizes available for new players to use. Fee for one hour session for seniors £TBA; an extra £2.00 for kit hire if required. Players must be proficient skaters. If you interested in coming along to a session and giving it a go, we would require registration by completing the online form given at the bottom of this page as play is on a first come, first served, basis. Please also read the guidelines and information relating to the hockey sessions below.


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 Hockey for Juniors (age 7 - 11)

A junior youth hockey session will be held on Sunday mornings between 9 - 10 am prior to the rink opening to the public. We hope both boys and girls will come and have a go at what is a really fun sport. We have the required protective kit including helmets with faceguards and body protection available which is kindly supplied by Jersey Inline Skate Club. Please ensure children bring their own gloves. Fee for one hour session for juniors £TBA including use of kit. Children must be capable skaters. Please read the guidelines and information relating to hockey sessions below. Parents wishing to bring their children to a hockey session must in the first instance complete the registration form given at the bottom of this page. Please also take note of the basic information and guidelines below however the Junior Hockey will consist of a different format designed to be fun for children with a warm up period, drills and coaching on hockey play followed by 2 x 10 minute games.

Basic Information and Guidelines re Ice Hockey Sessions

We are running these sessions to encourage skaters to try something new on the ice and have fun. The rink is not a full size hockey rink and is not fitted out for competitive play. Play will be non-contact and care will be taken at all times to prevent the puck from leaving the ice area. Hockey sticks cannot be raised above waist height. Anyone not adhering to our safety rules will be disqualified from playing.  

Player fee   Each player will pay their respective junior/senior fee in full prior to going on the ice. Please arrive early enough so that this can be completed well before play starts and admin doesn't hold up play. 

Registration   Each player will have a completed and signed registration form handed in prior to play otherwise they will not be allowed on the ice.

Teams  Teams consist of 5 players each side not including the goalies. 

Officiating and Referee   There will be a Referee on the ice at all times timekeeping and keeping the score. 

Game format  We will have 2 x 20 minute play periods. Depending on the amount of players and no. of teams we may rotate teams with the winning team staying on a maximum of 2 games. Teams will have a 5 minute warm up period.

Kit   Players will not be able to take part unless they have the basic mandatory kit. We would ask players to provide their own as we only have a limited amount of kit in S/M/L.

Mandatory Basic Safety Kit   HELMET WITH CAGE. The most important piece of safety kit for hockey players. Cycle helmets are not allowed as they are designed for front impact and give little protection at the back of the head. Players wearing glasses must have a visor or cage. If you do not have your own cage you must wear a gum shield (dentist bills can be very expensive!). KNEE, SHIN, ELBOW PADS AND GLOVES must be worn. For shin pads football guards will suffice). Extra hip padding if you have it. Preferably padded hockey gloves. 

Hockey Sticks  If you do not have your own stick and loan one of ours it is your responsibility to return it in good condition and undamaged otherwise a broken stick will incur a charge of £25 to the user.

Clothing   If you haven't got hockey pants, long trousers that won't get caught in the skates, e.g. elasticized leg bottoms. Hockey shirt or a good wicking performance top. We will be providing teams with different team colour bibs to wear over your tops.


Session Times and Dates

Senior Hockey - please arrive between 8.00 - 8.30 pm for start of play at 9.00 pm. We have to leave the building at 10.30 pm so play will start promptly. No one will be allowed on the ice prior to having completed a registration form and payment. Please allow at least 30 minutes prior to the session to be briefed and get kitted up, especially if you do not have your own kit and need to be sized up and allocated kit.

Junior Hockey - please arrive between 8.15 and 8.45 am for start of play at 9.00 am. The rink opens to the public at 10.00 am so play will start promptly. No children will be allowed on the ice prior to having completed a registration form and payment. Please allow at least 30 minutes prior to the session for children to be briefed and get fitted with skates and kit.

Online Registration Form

(we will ask you to sign the original at the hockey session)

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Ice Hockey Registration Form 2014


The organiser has the right to eject a player from an Ice Skate Jersey ice hockey session in the event of bad behaviour, unsporting conduct, consistent dangerous play or any other action that compromises safety or the running of the session. 


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Many inline skaters come and enjoy the ice hockey for the time the rink is open but if you are interested in continuing in playing hockey on inline skates or at the other inline activities the Jersey Inline Skate Club organise throughout the year further details can be found at their website: www.inlineskatejersey.co.uk